Session Issues

Sep 27, 2011 at 5:52 PM

Will this forum have any issues on a cloud based hosting service. Someone informed me that the issues below could be caused by this.

The forums are great, however i am having one small issue. It appears that for some reason people are randomly logged out for no apparent reason. Even when users are editing, or creating new posts but no specifically at these times, the user will then try and submit the post only to discover they are logged out. 

This happens event when the user tries to use the remember me option. 

Any assistance you could offer on this would be great.



Dec 15, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Weird, I never saw this post.

The included data library, PopForums.Data.SqlSingleWebServer, should give a clue that it isn't designed to be run in farm/multi-instance cloud environment. This implementation of the data layer does a lot of caching that would break across multiple instances of the app running.

At some point, if there is interest, I'd be happy to do a version that uses Azure's caching layer.

Regarding the problems above, that doesn't sound like a problem that would arise out of the code unless there's some weirdness happening across different boxes with different cookies and what not, and even then, seems unlikely.