Project Description

POP Forums v12 is a forum app for ASP.NET MVC used as the core for several sites maintained by the author. It is not a science project, but a long-term commitment to great community.

The project goals include are:
  • Use ASP.NET MVC, including a mobile interface.
  • Make the project open source under Ms-PL.
  • Be the best ASP.NET-based forum.
  • Not duplicate UBB's 1998 UI for the Nth time.
  • Localize: Now available in English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Dutch and Taiwanese Mandarin.
More information:


To set it up, check the installation instructions in the documentation section.

Read the post on how to use the Scoring Game in your ASP.NET MVC app.

image image

As seen on CoasterBuzz, a roller coaster enthusiast site:

image CB forum mobile on iPad

Update: 12/30/13

v12 has been released! Here's what's new:

POP Forums v12 for ASP.NET MVC 5 is available right now. Download it and enjoy. Want to see it running in production? Check out CoasterBuzz, a community for roller coaster enthusiasts. The forum is skinned to the look of the site, while the entire site uses the mobile view framework (with color changes to the skin).

With the source check-in on 12/30/13 (after v12.0.0), the source includes a Taiwanese Mandarin translation.

Do you speak English and another language? We want to make POP Forums globally useful. Starting with v9.2, the app is easily localized. We have volunteers translating to Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian and German, and we'd love help for additional languages. Drop Jeff an e-mail to for more information.

Got feature requests? Start a discussion! Found a bug? Add it to the issue tracker.

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